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Sliding Fire Doors | Express Fire Services

Express Fire Service offers sliding fire door maintenance, manufacturing, installation and servicing  of sliding fire doors, hinged fire doors, solid core doors, steel louvre doors, supply and rectification of metal door frames.

Express Fire Service can provide the right fire related product to satisfy the majority of Australian standards and BCA requirements.

Sliding fire doors are our specialty with no job to hard, we have installed several stainless steel sliding fire doors to Inghams chickens Australia, zinc steel sheeted sliding fire doors to numerous clubs/hotels, shopping centres, schools, factories and car parks, being one of the main suppliers in NSW if not the main supplier.

We cover all applications for sliding fire door maintenance eg: Bi parting, parallel sliding, triple sliding, combination sliding fire doors and wicket door access. We also provide the electro magnet hold open device (required to meet BCA) to satisfy BCA requirements, we can provide a stand alone hold open device or connect to the main FIP if you require.

We can also provide the cutting and removal of walls, installation of steel bracing/supports and opening protection all with engineers certificate.

Viewing the videos below will give you an idea of our sliding fire doors.

View Fire Door video 1 ... >
This video is of a stainless steel sliding fire door installed to Inghams Chickens with all food grade requirements met. The works were performed out of Inghams working hours so as not to disturb their production.

View Fire Door video 2 ... >
This video is of a large sliding fire door 4metres high x 7.7metres wide weighing approx 1500kgs. You will notice the speed is very safe with approx 12kilograms of weight closing the door.

The man in this video is the founder of G E Griffiths Welding Service Pty Ltd, Gary Edward Griffiths. Many of the standards relating to sliding fire doors was written around Gary's recommendations and he is now in the process of engineering new closing systems for the bi parting and parallel sliding fire door closing systems.

Visit our photo gallery and mouse-over the photos to display a little information about the works.