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Gary Griffiths Under Road Boring is one of the leading horizontal bed borers in Sydney and offers wet and sleeve boring from 20mm-400mm diameter, co-ordination of civil works, supply and welding of pipe.

Wet Bores can offer bores at 30 metres long to suit 12mm - 400mm pipe or conduit.

An entry hole for the machine to operate is approximately 1800mm x 800mm wide. An exit hole or recovery hole should be 1000mm x 1000mm. NOTE: Entry and exit holes depend on depth of bore, diameter of bore and length of bore due to waste exhaustion.

Our machines fit within utes or small trucks enabling us to access small and tight areas such as backyards. Underground carparks etc.

All excavation work is performed to conform to the relevant Australian Standards. All works are subject to site inspection.

Gary can be contacted on his moble phone: 0412 538 138

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